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 At the last count, 25% of the world were online, which equates to about 2 billion people. Now, the internet has become a major part of our lives, but where did it all begin?

Tim Berners-Lee: creator of the first website

 In 1991, Tim Berners-Lee created the first website, so that anyone could access certain information, no matter where they were, or what model of computer they were using. 20 years on, mankind now communicates by using the World Wide Web he created. 

 The web was created so that information became freely available to anyone, and was structured to resist authority. However, with the rise of file sharing programs such as Napster, which threatened to overturn the music industry with people downloading free music, some sort of control was needed.

Napster: one of the first file sharing websites

  Although users can use the web to promote themselves, sharing their or other people’s views; there is a central control, which comes from governments or companies, and so freedom of expression is not, and will not, be wholly available.


A quick look at some of the features of campaigning websites

Burma Campaign UK (

  • Good colour scheme – powerful red and neutral white work well together
  • Easy to identify sections with title in red headers – news, about us, shop etc.
  • Drop down menus on heading at top – makes site seem cleaner
  • News updated on right hand side, with latest news at the top
  • Could be more information in sections
  • Static information – could be some animation to make site more eye-catching or exciting
  • Could explain more about Burma itself


Campaign for Real Ale (

  • Scrolling news bar and RSS feed keeps users updated with the latest news
  • Calendar has plenty of information on upcoming events and festivals
  • Facebook and Twitter links show that the website is up to date with social networking and communicating with users
  • Awards shown at bottom of the website shows success of the campaign
  • Colours bland – orange, yellow and brown – not attractive to the eye
  • Website seems squashed – entire right hand half of website left blank


Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (

  • Good illustrated news slide show at top which takes the most space and draws attention to the reader
  • Updating toll tells how many children have become smokers so far in 2010 – alarming feature.
  • Drop down menu for each state – involves the user
  • Plenty of blank space
  • Text is too small and could be larger considering amount of space on homepage
  • Not much colour – black and grey text dominates