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A quick look at some of the features of campaigning websites

Burma Campaign UK (

  • Good colour scheme – powerful red and neutral white work well together
  • Easy to identify sections with title in red headers – news, about us, shop etc.
  • Drop down menus on heading at top – makes site seem cleaner
  • News updated on right hand side, with latest news at the top
  • Could be more information in sections
  • Static information – could be some animation to make site more eye-catching or exciting
  • Could explain more about Burma itself


Campaign for Real Ale (

  • Scrolling news bar and RSS feed keeps users updated with the latest news
  • Calendar has plenty of information on upcoming events and festivals
  • Facebook and Twitter links show that the website is up to date with social networking and communicating with users
  • Awards shown at bottom of the website shows success of the campaign
  • Colours bland – orange, yellow and brown – not attractive to the eye
  • Website seems squashed – entire right hand half of website left blank


Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (

  • Good illustrated news slide show at top which takes the most space and draws attention to the reader
  • Updating toll tells how many children have become smokers so far in 2010 – alarming feature.
  • Drop down menu for each state – involves the user
  • Plenty of blank space
  • Text is too small and could be larger considering amount of space on homepage
  • Not much colour – black and grey text dominates