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Sheffield Winter Gardens: A relaxed place to ask questions. Photo: BBC


With the general election fast approaching, it is alarming that, according to a recent poll by Unite, 47% of students will not be voting. After asking the general public their views about what will happen in May, it seems this year could be as unpredictable as ever. 

Views from people in Sheffield Winter Gardens were varied, with some asking for a change, like 48-year-old civil servant Linda, who feels “somebody has to cut spending, and I think Cameron is the only one who will do that”, whilst others, like Mark, 26, who will be voting locally. Mark agreed with Liberal Democrat’s views on changing Tuition fees, and felt “with Nick Clegg holding the Sheffield Hallam seat, and also a leader, I have to [vote], but I can’t imagine them actually winning”. 

Will you be voting?


If students do decide to vote, then there could be a real difference in the voting, but Lucy, 19, felt that she would not bother this year, claiming, “What would my vote achieve? I don’t know anyone my age who’s voting, so I can’t see how my vote is going to change any thing”. However, another reason students won’t be voting is perhaps due to a lack of knowledge on politics, like Dave, 20, who has “never looked into the policies of the parties and decided which one [he] agrees with”. 

Voting for the first time was something that excited Heather, 22, who just missed out on the last election, “I’m looking forward to it. I feel if I don’t vote, then smaller parties, like the BNP could get into power, and then I couldn’t live with myself knowing that I didn’t do anything”. Voting this year is encouraged by Heather, “with the state this country is in, voting for a change could really make things better”, but the winner later this year is far from decided.


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